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San Diego Comic-Con Freebies

Comic-Con International has started in San Diego this weekend, but I’m not there this year. Instead, I’m flying out tomorrow morning to Spain for Celsius 232, and then flying to the UK. But that doesn’t mean Comic-Con is bereft of things Sanderson. There are two great freebies that you can pick up.


The Firefight chapter sampler is at the Random House booth #1514. This includes the prologue and first three chapters of Firefight. The book comes out in January, but these sample chapters will whet your appetite as David confronts an Epic named Sourcefield. (Note: This sampler does spoil the ending of Steelheart, but so does the existence of a sequel, to an extent.)

Finally, Tor has put together a Mistborn/The Way of Kings two-sided sampler, and it’s at their booth #2707. One side has the prologue and first five chapters of Mistborn. The other side has all of Part One of The Way of Kings (up through the end of chapter 11). Now, I realize most of you have probably read Mistborn and The Way of Kings already, but if you haven’t, this is a great introduction to my solo novels, a total of 296 pages of fiction for free. And if you have read it already, grab a copy and give it to one of your friends!

I’m sure to be back at Comic-Con in San Diego multiple times in future years, but it didn’t fit in this year. Have fun without me!

Legion: Skin Deep cover revealed!

I’m pleased to present to you Jon Foster’s cover illustration for the second Legion novella, Legion: Skin Deep, coming later this year from Subterranean Press. I think Mr. Foster did a fantastic job with this illustration, and I like it even better than his cover for Subterranean Press’s edition of the original Legion. There’s a Read the full article…

StoryBundle contests + Miscellaneous Updates

The SciFi ebook StoryBundle with my novella Legion is available only until Wednesday night, so the clock is ticking. I’m running three giveaway contests (ending very soon!) where you can win the DRM-free ebook bundle: One on Twitter, one on Facebook, and one on Google+. The rules for each are slightly different, so check out Read the full article…

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